My Business Chat FAQs

Learn about My Business chat, which topics are covered, and when it's available 

General information

1. What's My Business chat and why would I use it?

Chat is a convenient way to get customer service assistance in My Business.

2. How do I access My Business chat?
  1. Sign in to My Business.
  2. Click Chat with us on any page in My Business at the bottom right of your screen, which opens a “My Business” chat window.
  3. Enter your question in the “Type your queston here” text area and click Send. Or just click one of the popular topic links for automated assistance.

There’s a couple of quick ways to customize your chat window experience too.

  • Click the speaker icon at the top of the chat window to enable audio notification
  • You can increase or decrease the chat window word size by clicking A in the same area
3. Which topics are covered in My Business chat?

There’s a wide variety of help topics available in My Business chat, such as:

  • Billing/Payments
  • Manage My Account/Plan
  • Orders
  • Suspend and resume service
  • Latest Deals

Device troubleshooting isn't available in My Business chat.  For device help, go to the My Business Support site and select your brand and device, or check out our interactive simulators or Troubleshooting Assistant.

4. When is chat available?

Automated chat assistance is always available in My Business. 

Live chat hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 8AM - 8PM ET
  • Saturday: 8AM - 5PM ET
5. Will I lose my chat if I go to another page in My Business?

No you won’t. Your chat window will stay open while you navigate throughout My Business. 

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