$20 International Monthly Plan

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the $20 Monthly International plan.


1. What is the $20 International Monthly Plan?

The $20 International Monthly Plan provides data on select planes and cruise ships on your 4G GSM World device. For $20 per line, you get 50 MB. Additional data used will cost $20 per 50 MB and will be charged to the account.

2. How does it work and where can it be used?

Before traveling, the feature must be enabled on the mobile number in My Business or the My Verizon for Business app.

  • The end user will not be able to add the $20 International Monthly Plan on select cruise ships or planes until the feature is enabled
  • Any My Business user with the ability to add or remove features, such as a Primary Contact or Admin, can enable the $20 International Monthly Plan for any mobile number on the account

When the end user boards the participating cruise ship or plane, the line is sent an opt-in text message.

  • The line is not charged until the $20 International Monthly Plan is added by the end user on the participating cruise ship or plane
  • The end user can add the $20 International Monthly Plan by responding “Yes” to the opt-in text message
  • The end user gets 50 MB of data for $20
  • The end user is charged an overage rate of $20 per 50 MB

The $20 International Monthly Plan will automatically end after one month on the account. After that, if the end user wants to use data while on a participating cruise ship or plane, they will again need to respond with “Yes” to the opt-in text message.

Visit International Services and scroll to the bottom to view particpating cruise ships. Check with your airline for specific flight availability.

3. What does it mean to enable the feature?

Enabling the feature in My Business gives the end user the ability to receive the opt-in text message once they’re on the participating cruise ship or plane.

4. How is the feature added?
  1. When boarding a participating plane or cruise ship, a text message is sent to the mobile number, asking if the service should be added.
  2. Confirm by responding “Yes” to the message.

  • The plan only provides data while on the plane and/or cruise ship. Other International pricing options, such as TravelPass, are available while in other countries or in port

5. What can be done with this feature?

The $20 Monthly International Plan provides data while on select cruise ships and planes.

To use talk and text while on the cruise ship or plane, Pay as You Go rates (Talk: $2.99/min, Text: $0.50 / message sent $0.05 / message received) will apply.

6. Who can enable the feature?

Any My Business user with the ability to add or remove features can enable the $20 Monthly International Plan. 

Enabling in My Business

7. How is the feature enabled in the My Business?

To enable the $20 Monthly International Plan in My Business

From My Business Manage Wireless Numbers:

  1. Sign in to My Business.
  2. Click Manage Account.
  3. In the “Service” column, click Manage Wireless Numbers.
  4. Choose the line(s) you want to enable, then click I want to....
  5. Under the “Plans and Features”, click Manage plans (100 lines max).
  6. Scroll to the "Additional Services" section or search for International Monthly Plan.
  7. Toggle the slider to On (green) for the $20 International Monthly Plan.
  8. Review remaining features and make any additional changes, then click Continue.
  9. Review your selections and choose an effective date for the feature change.  Then select the appropriate email to send confirmation or order approval.
  10. Click Submit.

Enabling in the My Verizon for Business app

8. How is the feature enabled on the My Verizon for Business app?
  1. Sign in to the My Verizon for Business app.
  2. Locate and select the line you want to make changes on using any of the methods below.
    • Search by the Wireless Number/User Name
    • Select the account, then tap the number you want to make changes on
    • Tap the 3-line navigation menu in the upper left of the screen. Then scroll or search for the mobile number
  3. Tap Actions.
  4. Tap Add or Remove Features.
  5. Tap Add Features at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Tap General
  7. Expand the Additional Services section, select the $20 Monthly International Plan, then tap Continue.
  8. Review your selection and tap Continue.
  9. Choose when you would like the feature to be added, then tap Submit.